Shoot the Crow at Lislea

I went to Lislea Drama Festival this evening to see Owen Mc Cafferty’s play “Shoot the Crow”.

This entertaining play was presented by the Backburner Drama Group, and provided an enjoyable night’s entertainment.

Four tilers are working on a job, and find that a pallet of tiles over and above that which is required has been delivered to the site.  They work in pairs on site, and each pair unbeknownst to the other has decided to purloin the pallet.

The characterisations were a pleasure to observe , from the man about to retire to the site philosopher.

I have in my almost sixty years, worked with, or have been every one of the four men here.

As in many good shows, we get to know, and appreciate other characters referred to by the cast, but who never actually appear on stage.

The setting is Belfast, though this is not told; it is intimated by the colloquial language of the four men.

The resultant farce is a joy as it unfolds, made all the more entertaining by the continual swearing throughout the drama.

Set design was excellent, with great use being made of four milk crates as seating – just as on a building site.

The profanities within this play are what make it what it is.  Without them there is no play, and, anyway, we have all heard them many times before. The adjudicator stated that this play had been turned down by three other festivals, including Larne, because of the language.

What a loss to their communities.

If you have missed the play, be sure to see it if it appears anywhere else in the future. I believe it will soon be on Newry Drama Festival.

Entertainment with a capital E!

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