Driving into South Brittany in early August almost four years ago, my companions and I had a very powerful reminder of the similarities between Ireland and this Celtic region of France.

It rained virtually non-stop and continued to do so for a week!

Despite daily attempts by the regional newspaper Ouest France to convince its regular readers – and those tourists hoping to brush up on their French – that hot sunshine was just around the corner, a huge depression, of those familiar ‘just-off-the-Irish-coast’ dimensions,  put the ‘soft days’ of the Emerald Isle to shame.

However, when the hot days with clear azure skies did return, there remained daily reminders of how fascinated Bretons are by Irish culture, and how proud they are to belong to the ‘Celtic Family’ in which they see the Irish as their most influential siblings.

As you approach the pretty little town of Sarzeau in the Presqu’

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