Goldings/Hobdens in Paphos

The photo below shows two happy Newry men on holiday in Cyprus last January (2010).

Austin Golding and Gerry Hobden grew up in Cecil Street.

Soon they moved to different parts of the town and lost touch.

Then they moved (separately) to England.  In 2009, through the Newry Journal, they met again and decided to holiday together.

They wined and dined in the First & Last Bar in Paphos!

Gerry and his family now live in Darlington.

Austin and his wife in Bolton, Lancs.

He is back home regularly in Newry.

Recently he met Peter and Colette Murphy (late of England, now Rostrevor) on the boat to England.

Through the Journal, Austin is also in contact with Bernie Manley, once of Magennis Street, now resident in the USA.

Newry Journal is proud and happy to be a conduit for Newry exiles!

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