Dart the Bull

When we arrived at Crieve ‘Dart’ Sands was standing in the compound with a smile on his face like a Cheshire cat. Services rendered I paid Mr Sands ten shillings and sixpence. 

Bridget defends her ‘man’, Dart

Bridget smiled the whole way home.

Bridget carried her calf through the long, cold winter. With the arrival of the spring sunshine and the crocus and daffodil, Bridget gave birth early on Easter Sunday morning. The news spread like wildfire to the family and all the neighbours. Many arrived to congratulate Bridget and see the new calf. 

The children sang and recited all her favourite nursery rhymes, especially The Cow Jumped over the Moon,  and she was so happy.

The next morning Bridget called me to the byre.

She asked me to go to Crieve and visit Dart to tell him that the child is the spitting image of his father.


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