Mary (Curran) Martin

It’s just a photo of a middle-aged lady long ago standing at the junction of Bull’s Hill and Aileen Terrace, isn’t it?

Well, yes and no!

That’s where it is, right enough. I remember that dirt track like it was yesterday. Indeed I’ll have to go up there and check it’s not still like that!

My friends Jimmy and Maureen Graham raised their family up there in the last house of that terrace. Indeed their youngest daughter is a Journal reader now, way out in Seattle!

But the lady is great grandmother, not just to the contributor Patrick James White of Toronto (late of O’Neill Avenue Newry) but to many Newry people, including my good friend John McCaul, who today lives no more than 500m from this spot!

So what is the progeny? Mary Martin – for it is she – was born Mary Curran, whose father Hugh had come from Tyrone to settle in Newry (as did your editor’s grandfather). This is the same line as Luke Curran, Solicitors of Hill Street.

Mary married Thomas Martin, starting another Newry family line.

 Photo and story of this Thomas Martin will follow.

Every person has their story – and each story line is important!

Thanks to Patrick Joseph White, who is part of this story! Mary’s daughter Sarah Martin was married in the Cathedral the day that the Titanic sank! Sarah was grandmother to Patrick White.

I TOLD you this genealogy thing was interesting!

Brian O’Hare has the mobile.  Patrick J White is the good-looking one.  His son is in the car!

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