They were ACE workers!

We were listing past employees of The Action for Community Employment (A.C.E.) Scheme in Newry. I’m sure you know several of these here (D-F) and indeed, I recognise at least one serving Councillor of today! 

Also relatives of my own, directly and through marriage. You are probably the same!

This was, in its time, a useful programme to integrate the unemployed back into the workforce and provide necessary community facilities at the same time.

Noel Dennison

Liam Devlin

Richard Devlin

Eugene Devlin

Martin Dillon

Paul Dillon

Malcolm Dodds

William Dodds

Vincent Doherty

Sean Donagan

Tom Donegan

Christopher Doyle

Hugh Doyle

Richard Doyle

George Drew

Jason Drew

Brian Duffy

Robert Ellis

Marian Ellison

Richard Fearon

Gerard Fegan

Brendan Ferguson

Liam Ferguson

Kieran Ferguson

Francis Finnegan

James Fitzpatrick


… and this is just D-F …. more to follow …


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