Tom McKeown’s youth & friends

Welcome to Pat Duffy, recent contributor to Guestbook.  Are you by any chance featured in this photo?  Tom donated this to Journal, but I’ve mislaid the list of characters featured.

Perhaps Tom mckeown, who is second left here, would email (or add to Guestbook) the full list.

There aren’t so many young men today, who would choose to pose before a grotto to the Virgin Mary!

It’s not before time that Tom himself offered this list!!!!

This Pic was taken in 1954, the grotto was for the ‘Marian Year’
L-R:-John Feely (RIP) Tom, P.J. Cunningham, Jim (Doodler) Carrol (RIP), P. Smith,Hughie Grant (RIP) Seanie Gorman, Joe Murphy (Fowl Dealer) (RIP) Gerry Doran (RIP) – Boys: John Stokes, Christie Feehan, Jim O’Hare, and in the background, Sean Feehan

Ta, Tom McKeown!!!


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