1960 Barrack Street

1960 residents of Barrack Street (runs between Canal Street and Linenhall Square)

1 Thomas D Scott

2 Elizabeth Johnston

2a William McMahon

2b Thomas Brown

3 Robert Hughes

4 Sarah Moore

5 Henry Cole

6 John McWilliams

7 Robert Graham

8 Alexander Bittles

9 David Ivor

10 Noel Bittles

12 Albert V Trimble

14 Hannah Cowan

16 Walther G Cowan

18 Jane McGrath

18a Benjamin Davis

20 Robert Clarke

22 John Cunningham

24 Frances Hughes

26 Francis Kearns


Only heads of households are named.

You will remember some of these families, as I do. 

I was very fond of the beautiful, late Rosaleen Cole.

Comments and further information are very welcome.

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