1975 Monaghan Street People

1       Terence Murphy
         Noelle Murphy
3A     Jacinta Crimmins
         James Crimmins
         Kathleen Crimmins
         James Crimmins (Jnr)
15     Mary J McCullough
         Ester A McCullough
19A   Rhoda Patton
         John Patton
         Kevin Woods
         Josephine Woods
19C  Patrick McAleavey
         Martin McAleavey
         Joseph McAleavey
         Michael McAleavey
         Christina McAleavey
33     Mary M Savage
         Henry Savage
         Margaret Savage
35     Julia McArdle
         Margaret McArdle
         Bridget McArdle
         Rose McArdle
2       Canice McGovern
4       Philomena McNamee
         Owen McNamee
         Adeline McNamee
         Nora McNamee
         Eugene McNamee
         Hugh McCrink
         Kathleen McCrink
8       Stephen Downey
         Mary Downey
         Thomas Downey
10     Michael McArdle
18     Wilhelmina Davison
22     Bernard McKinley
22     Susan McKinley
24     Richard Palmer
         Bernadette Palmer
26     Catherine Connell
         Patrick Connell
         Margaret Connell
41     Anna McAlinden
         Gerard McAlinden
         Christina McAlinden
51     Rose McMahon
55     Thomas Crawley
         Isabel Crawley
         Patrick Crawley
         Patricia Crawley
         Benedict Crawley
71     Peter O’Hare
         Josephine Eames
73     Mary McAnulty
         Maurice McAnulty
         Mary Ruddy
         Patrick Ruddy
81     Winifred Mulvaney
32     John Gorman
         Teresa Gorman
34     Maureen McParland
         John McParland
         Teresa McParland
36     Patrick Brady
         Mary Brady
40     Mary McParland
         Patrick McParland
44     Peter McAteer
50     Hylda McNeill
         Alexander McNeill
52     John Aiken
         John Aiken (Jnr)
56     Magdalene Rodgers
         Mary Rodgers
         Oliver Rodgers
         Patricia Rodgers
         Peter B Rodgers
         Peter Rodgers
         Raymond Rodgers

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