Derrybeg Roll-of-Honour

Fabian Boyle takes up the story of the Derrybeg Estate.

‘In addition to the men already named, I feel it necessary to include Mickey McCaul, Davey Morley, Billy Scott, Jim Gorman, Tommy McKeown, Oliver Markey, Jim Morgan, Derek O’Brien, Bobby McAleavey, Dominic McKevitt and Jack McKenna in the ‘Beg roll-of-honour.

Eilish and Dave Morley

There were a number of prominent women who played various parts, chief among them being Una Creggan, Pam McCaul, Esther Blair, Lottie McKeown, Eilish Morley, Phyllis McKeown, Theresa Magee, Ester Boyle and Lily McCormick. 


The first task was to establish a social centre. A number of pre-fabricated aluminium huts were acquired cheaply (

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