Fosters: health issues

It was many years before I discovered how Peter could remain cool in the face of such splendid female beauty. 


There may have been clues at the time but I didn’t have an inkling then that not all men are attracted to females!

Cowering at our table, I raised my eyes bravely at last to glance around. After all, it was the ‘talent’ we had allegedly come to view, meaning the young ladies from the upper streams of the local Sacred Heart and Our Ladies schools. You had to look and not be caught looking. They were playing the same game. 


Peter was totally disinterested, or feigned it. 


He undid a cuff button of his school shirt and gently shook his hand above his full coffee cup.


‘Holy mother of **** !’ I exclaimed. ‘Your coffee is full of gunge!’


‘How observant you are!’ he agreed. 


All the tables in the vicinity were staring in our direction. One or two young people actually sprang to their feet and a particular young lady who I had my eyes on, got up and strolled over.


‘Is something the matter?’


She smiled sweetly in my direction, although she was addressing her remark to Peter. 


I thought I had died and gone straight to heaven. 


I was totally oblivious of Peter’s presence.


‘Eh … eh .. hel .. ‘. I was interrupted before I could get it out.


‘I’d say there is!’ he exploded. ‘Madam! MADAM!! Come here at once.’


He was addressing the same waitress who had served us earlier.


…. more to follow …

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