Growing up in Erskine Street

The original Erskine Street houses were built for military officers, and were highly esteemed.  Those who lived in them were considered as ‘swanks’.

Erskine Street Newry Town

Indeed some residents of the area – like my mother – were said to have acquired ‘airs and graces’ to suit.  My mother became known, sarcastically, as ‘Lady Morgan!’ 

‘We had indoor washing facilities when none had!  They had to come to us in Linenhall Square to ‘get washed’.  AND we swam (with the officers) in Canal St swimming baths!  There was also a cinema there.’

Joe (Lou’s father) lived in Canal Street but the Fire Service moved to Linenhall Square and that is where he settled too. 

‘Curious thing for you, John, as you have written about Bagenal on your website:  Joe’s wife is an O’Neill and her sister married Pat Bagenal from Glen.  You get it?  A Bagenal-O’Neill marriage, like Mabel Bagenal and the great Hugh O’Neill, only four hundred years later!  Father Burke said that when he married them!’

….. more Morgan family memories soon …..



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