Hill Street 1914

What about Hill Street way back in 1914?

This is the list from the Markets to the Town Hall.

32 Mrs McNally

34 O’Hare & O’Hagan

 Miss Martin

 S E Hanratty

 Mrs O’Hagan

38 Hunter Moore

40 Parochial House: Rev J Doyle, Adm.

42-44 Provincial Bank

46 M J Doran

48 Newry Telegraph office

50-52 Post Office

54 A McClure

56 M Ward & Son

 Belfast Bank

58 W H Coleman

60 John Thompson

62 Abernethy’s Studio

64-68 Cahill Bros

70 Wray & Donnelly

72 Miss Girvan: Miss Savage

74 Duncan, Alderdice & Co

76 John Byrne

80  Thomas Magee

82 P Mallon

84 F Moore & Co

86 Victoria Hotel

88 J J McAreavey

90 Martin, Nesbitt & Irwin

92 J E Leeson

94 Tyler & Son

96 James Mercer

98 Murray Bros

100 Bernard Rice

102 George H Massey

104 John O’Hagan

106 W & S Magowan


The buildings – at least in external fascia and outline profile – are little altered, but what has survived of the characters or even of the businesses?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but apart from the Parochial House and Cahill Bros (c/o Declan McChesney) – I think ……………..  nothing!

What have we allowed to happen to the heart of our town?  

It has no residents and very few native-owned and run businesses. 

These multi-nationals and franchises are ‘stop-here-and-buy-one’ shops, the very reverse of the ice-cream vendors of old who advertised, ‘Stop-Me-And-Buy-One’.  Charity and ‘Pound’ shops, food outlets, travel agents, building societies and Banks and very little else.

Oh! And parking spaces that are ALL occupied by 8.30 am by shop-workers, leaving no place for the actual shoppers to stop!

And the ever roving traffic warden!

Is there a conspiracy to force the shopper towards the two ‘Shopping Centres’ ?

Seems so!

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