Kilkeel Harbour

People have varied and many reasons to recall visits to the seaside. 

When your editor was very young – some fifty years ago – we’d occasionally get a visit – even an extended visit, to our Uncle Frank’s in Kilkeel.

Yes, that was his home on the hill in the distance!  Frank was the Head Coastguard, you see.  He was a man of compelling personality and character and was highly esteemed by all.  We might have had nothing ourselves but we knew we were worth something to be related to such a man as that!

Two of Frank’s sons, Kevin and Brian – and one daughter Maureen – are married and still live about Kilkeel.  Michael, his eldest son, is retired and lives in England.  Priscilla, married to Gerry McManus lives in Newry.

Both Frank and his dear wife Phyllis have now departed this life.  They leave us wonderful memories. 

 The photo dates from the 1920s.  The cottage is now a holiday home.  Boats in the Inner Basin include the Emu, the Maid of Mourne, Peace and Plenty and the St Winifred.

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