Relaxed children

Another in the Janine Masters series of photos. You may have seen this one before – I know I have – but I’d never noticed a few of the interesting features!

Look again at the street lantern, above the girls’ heads and at the junction of High Street with Stream Street. It helps to date this picture!

So too does that pram!  And the styles! The teenage girl would be curiously out-of-place today!  Is she hurrying because she’s late for Mass in the Cathedral?  I wonder if she’s still around?

That lad must have been close to the age where he’d receive his first ‘long trousers’!   (I trimmed the snap!  They’re definitely short!).  I can’t remember but I seem to recall I was around ten when I donned long trousers first.   Would that be about right?

The other two children are curiously interesting too – the taller girl ‘giving off’ to her young sister?  [‘AND where’s that child I left you minding?’]

But best of all is the toddler wandering alone across the main road from about the entrance to St Patrick’s Church. Just imagine that happening now!

Some of our local representatives thought there weren’t enough pitted tracks, grooves and potholes on High Street/Stream Street and got the DOE to add monstrous foot-high tarmac blockades every few metres just recently.  There isn’t a street in town not in need of a new even coat to save pedestrians from a soaking at every passing vehicle. But the Councillors need to leave their mark. And this is it!!   They don’t even calm the traffic, if that was their object!

God spare us from Councillors in search of popular issues!

I guess this photograph is no more than sixty years old.  I don’t have lists from then but here is a list of the residents of Stream Street way back in 1914, at the outbreak of the Great War.

2 W J Gordon

3 Thomas Wilson

11 Hanna Fegan

47 Joseph Lockhart

48 George Walker

49 Joseph Hanna

50 J Mallaghan

51 Joseph Weir

52 Joseph Marshall

56 H Cunningham

57 Sarah Lowans

59 Sarah McKee

60 Frank Kane

61 Susan Martin

63 Wm C Sutton

63a S Cunningham

64 Samuel Smith

65 John Scott

66 W S Marshall

67 Thomas Cox

68 Waddell Morrow

71 Susan Martin

72 David Boyd

73 M McAteer

85 William Hughes

103 Mary Young

105 George Allely

111 Susan Martin

113 David Boyd

117 J Stevenson

There are, of course, THREE Susan Martins, living at three separate addresses! 

Note the mix of names from both communities! I believe this street remains well-mixed! Our most frequent guest from Hungary used to have his home here! Might well still do, with another tenant, for all I know.

Gerry Mac, another frequent visitor, grew up here. 

AND my old mate Harry Hourican still lives on Stream Street.

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