Catholic & Protestant Schools

When we went to see, ‘The Song of Bernadette’ and a local priest appeared before the start and ordered prayers, we all squeezed down dutifully on the greasy floor between the rows of seats and prayed like mad to Saint Bernadette.

I’d never prayed ‘to a saint’ before – but the others were, so I did too!!

Until I went to school, in any case, I had no idea that I was different to any of the children with whom I played Cowboys and Indians, swung round lamp-posts on ropes, and stole apples from a posh family’s orchard down the Bell Man’s Loanan.  

But suddenly when we all trooped off to primary schools, I was walking to Windsor Hill Primary and most of my friends were going off in a totally different direction to schools with saints’ names.  

A big change had occurred in my life but I did not know then exactly what it was.  

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