Model Schoolchildren

It might have been yesterday when I learned – with a start – that my first child was ready to begin school.  Selfishly, I thought only of how my own years were running away.

Today, the youngest of our five children completed his formal education and now awaits his degree results.  You have seen Steven’s work.  It was he who offered ‘Jesus’s Blood’ on site here.

I don’t know what happened in between.

But there is nothing like a walk in a cemetery – or a glance through an old school photo album – to make you appreciate the ephemeral nature of existence. 

And what you ought to hold dear, while you may.

Janine Masters offered this photo of Newry Model schoolchildren some three generations ago. 

Those photographed have all long since gone to meet their Maker.

Is there any chance you might help us identify one or two?

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