Sacred Heart 1966: Miss Egan 1

This photo of Sacred Heart Girls 1966 includes the donor Mary (Kane) Cuthbertson (or rather the second half – to follow – will!) and we are grateful for it.   No one remembers all their old classmates’ names but Mary has done her best.   The other half is to come and then I will reproduce a smaller version of the joined photos.

The girl on the middle right is Joan Carlin, sister of Michael and Paul.  From Left, the rest of the middle row is made up of Judy Moan, Teresa McCreesh, Kathleen Ward and Angela Haughey.  The girl to Joan’s right is unidentified.

Moninna Hollywood is standing left.  The Front row from Left is Ann Kearns, ?
Patricia McCourt, Mary Hughes

Lourdes Crilly, ? , Ita O’Neill, Marie Strain and Colette McCann are along the Back Row.

And aren’t they all so natural and beautiful and full of personality!

And not a bleach-blonde in sight!

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