St Joseph’s Class of ’65

The Reunion of St Joseph’s High School Newry – Class of 1965 – was held recently in the Canal Court Hotel. The function was attended by the present Principal, Mr Hugh Mallon and the guest speaker was recently-retired St Joseph‘s teacher Mr Sean McGuigan.

Not all those pictured shared the one class the whole way through, but the stories and anecdotes flowed as freely as the Guinness all night long. The Canal Court was very generous and everyone had a wonderful time. I am indebted to Martin Auden for the photograph.

Back: L-R Danny Murphy: Eugene Convery: Jimmy McKevitt: Eddie McGovern: Jimmy Carr: Art Kavanagh: Martin Auden

Middle: L-R Raymond McNally: Thomas Gallagher: Maurice Laverty: Pat McGrath: Brian McGivern: Martin Payne: Chris Lynch: Jim Lavelle

Front: L-R Frank Ruddy: Pat McKenna: Eddie Lennon: Colm McCoy: Liam McCourt: Eugene Millar: Francie Pentony

[I hope soon to splice this photo and ‘slideshow’ the pieces, so you can better identify the individuals.  Martin Payne, you know from Discussion, Threads, Sixties Hill Street!]

Your editor would just like to add that he did his first teaching practice in the school in 1969 – under the tutelage of the said Sean McGuigan, who also happened to be an old pal from the wonderful Meadow early days! I remember him instructing me to deliver a history lesson on Daniel O’Connell! And Mickey Campbell was in the class. I knew all his kith and kin! There were very few years difference between teacher and pupils, many of whom I knew from ‘the street’. 

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