War is Over!

Eventually the war was over. Everyone was delighted, with the obvious exception of those who had lost their sons and loved ones (see Newry’s War Dead, reviewed here). 

Of our immediate neighbours, Peter Harte was killed at Arnhem; Austin Finnery’s plane was shot down and he lsot his life; and Jimmy Carr went down with the Privet, one of Fisher’s colliers (also here mentioned).

In dribs and drabs familiar faces returned to our area. Those who had gone to work in England could now return as restrictions were lifted. It became commonplace to see Army and Navy uniforms in the town, before the recruits fully returned to Civvy Street. 

 We got used to the older people predicting that things would soon return to normal and we wondered what that might be! One morning I got a clue!!

A huge queue had formed outside Francie McClelland’s greengrocers. I noticed that each person emerged clutching a small bag of bananas or oranges. These were unheard of delicacies. We had heard a lot about such exotic foods. Now at last we got to taste them!!

.. Willie Burns …

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