1962 Football Team

Pat Murtagh, a former classmate who is featured in this photograph, supplied a list of names for identification.  He notes too that Tim Casey (Newsagents, Sugar Island) Kieran Cahill, Jackie McManus, Joe Kinney and Paul Carlin (Social worker) were associated with this 1962 team.

Back Row:  Jim Curley: Stephen Smith: Michael Russell: Pat Murtagh: Pat McNulty RIP [Manager], Louis Boyle, Eugene Treanor: Paddy Griffin RIP,  Des Markey RIP

Front Row:  Michael McKevitt RIP: Seamus McNulty: Leo McShane: Billy Curran: Kevin McDonald: P J Gorman: Noel Haughey: Jim Boyle RIP: Kevin Rooney

Pat pays tribute to the late Pat McNulty, Tommy McKay and others who gave freely of their time, skill and effort to provide the team with sporting opportunity, enjoyment, comradeship and happy memories.

Pat and his lovely wife Angela are now my Bridge opponents in Warrenpoint Bridge Club.

Billy Curran and Kevin McDonald are still spotted frequently about town! Michael Russell can be spotted on Sunday afternoons working in P J O’Hare’s in Carlingford. Eugene Treanor, still a good friend, lost his lovely wife Veronica some years ago now. Paddy Griffin’s Month’s Mind is coming up shortly. P J O’Gorman’s daughter just passed away at the very young age of thirty-two years.

 I could play no football at all!  I could run though.  About then, the school introduced distance running as a new pursuit.  We’d cover a few miles in the locality.  Jimmy Curley and I would pace each other.  Returning towards the school gates, he’d easily increase his pace and leave me standing! I have no idea where Jim Curley is now.

I think Pat and Jimmy were with us the day that term that Harry McCrink ‘borrowed’ the milk delivery van of his father to take us ‘mitching’ up the Upper Fathom Road.  It was a flatback and we senior class were clutching for grim death to its sides as he recklessly careered round the twisting corners of this most beautiful corner of God’s good earth.  I prayed that I’d never again have to suffer Harry as pilot of any vehicle I’d be in!

Harry McCrink – to this day, to the best of my knowledge – is a senior pilot with Aer Lingus. 

 I’ve only twice flown with that airline. 

 I wish he had been, but he wasn’t my pilot! I checked!


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