Darts at the Crown Bar

My but doesn’t time fly by? The Crown Bar is gone (now it’s McSwiggans and is run by Andrew Connolly, George’s son) and, sadly, so too are some of the Darts stars of yesteryear, pictured here.

We would like some help to identify individuals. Here’s a start.

Alex Hanna is there, as is Norman McCutcheon, Joe Ferris, Tom Haughey, Jim Reid and Reggie McWilliams. 

Our photo came from the late Norman McCutcheon who told his son William that there were three brothers walked all the way from their home in Dromintee (this side of Forkhill) every week to compete.

Now, there’s dedication for you!

Does anybody know their names?

There’s a lot of silverware on display too.

What all did they win?

Who are they?

Over to you!

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