Celtic play Golf, virtually

Rory McElroy’s exploits in the field of golf brought back some memories of a trip to Glasgow some years ago.

The local Celtic Supporters Club was over for the weekend and we were in fine form as Celtic had won.

On the Sunday morning, after breakfast, we looked out and there was a lovely small eight-hole golf course. It was a beautiful sunny day and it was agreed that we would all have a game of golf.

My son Kevin was my caddy, Rory McCoy was his dad’s, PJ’s (RIP) and among the rest were Muskey Cunningham, Jackie McDonald, Frank Lennon, George Troope, Tony Heatley (RIP) and Charlie Casey.

I was the first to tee off.  I did what I had seen on TV, and picked up a blade of grass, threw it in the air, watched it fall and asked Kevin for a number four iron.

My son did as he was told and I shouted ‘Fore’ and looked for the ball to fall.

The others said that it had gone into the bunker but I maintained that it had landed on the green. This went on for some time with McCoy and Cunningham maintaining that they were in the lead and everybody arguing with them that one or other of them was in the lead.

Things were getting heated when the call went up, ‘The bar is open’.

The game stopped and we all headed for some refreshments.

After a few pints we mulled over the game and all agreed that it was great fun.

Muskey said,

‘Maybe the next time we come over we should play real golf with  golf clubs and golf balls.’

We all shook our heads and Frank Lennon said,

‘Sure where would the fun be in that?’

We all agreed as McCoy shouted,

‘ Six more pints please’.

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