Down 1959

In 1959 Down played Galway in the All-Ireland semi-final and lost by one goal eleven points to one goal four points.  The ‘town and country’ were at that game ….

…… well except for a few who hadn’t the money or just did not fancy travelling to that far-off city of Dublin.  One such person was Pat Donaghue who lived in Mill Street.

Pat was a regular in Madden’s Bar and it did not matter that all his drinking buddies were going to the match – Pat refused to budge.

‘ I will be sitting in the comfort of my own home, having my couple of bottles of stout and listening to the match on the radio while you lot will be standing with thousands of people, probably getting soaked!’

was his answer to the many requests to go to the match.

Match day came and Pat settled down with his drink and his radio. Everything was going well, Pat had just poured a bottle of stout and Miche

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