O’Hanlon outlaws after the Boyne

O’Hanlon outlaws in 1691 after the Battle of the Boyne  …….

The following member of the O’Hanlon clan were attainted (publicly declared as outlaws) in 1691


Shane Ban O’Hanlon of                   Tyrone’s Ditches


Oghy O’Hanlon   


Phelim McEdmund Tegue O’Hanlon 

Bryan McOghy O’Hanlon  

Phelimy McPatrick Oge O’Hanlon               of Clare

Redmond O’Hanlon                                of Phecos

Roger O’Hanlon                                    of Tonragee

John O’Hanlon                                     of Carlingford, Clerk

Patrick Hanlon                                     of Carlingford

A Captain Colin O’Hanlon was                 an officer in the army of King James II


(King James’s Army List of 1689, Dalton, Vol II (second edition) pp. 310-311)

O’Hanlons .. Monaghan Street … 18th century …

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