Meadow Rangers

We were runners-up in the Meadow League in 1963, just a few short years after its inauguration.  I cannot recall who beat us but I suspect it was High Street’s Rockview Rangers.  It usually was.

We had some idea of the debt we owed to the older men, like Ronnie McAllister (here on R. as Manager), his father Vincent, Joe McGivern, Joe Patterson, Sticks Morgan and a host of others.  They collected to purchase us a strip:  tore the reeds from the Resi to make a usable pitch:  arranged to have our strip laundered: collected in a cap from the spectators on the nights of our games: as well, of course as training us and attempting to fashion us into a winning side.
Come to think of it, we had no idea of the size of our debt.  We do now.
This particular Meadow Rangers side had two Dundalk brothers playing.  I am grateful to Brendan O’Neill (Back, 2nd Left) who identified the two Dundalk men for me.
For the record, the line-up is
Kevin Boyle: Brendan O’Neill: Goalie Sean Toal:  John Murphy:  John McCullagh: Eddie Gray: Ronnie McAllister
Damien Rowe:  Noel Boyle:  Austin Mullan: Mickey Murphy:  Eric McAllister

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