Banjo on Popacatepetyl

Hello there Banjo! And what’s the craic?

I hope they’ve all made you welcome back?

I’m glad that you’re feeling in such fine fettle

A word in your ear, just in case you might settle!


I’ve heard that you’ve finished for good, with K2

Or should that be – it’s finished for you?

Easy there, Terry! Just a joke! I’m your fan!

Sure I’ve supported you here about as well as I can!


We were talking of you in the bar there one night

Of the avalanche too. That gave us a fright!

The bar-flies wanted new trials for you

Guessing you’d soon need something to do!


One wit in particular, I’m sure you’ll guess who

Yes, him that you know spends too much time in the loo

‘I’ve got one will stop him! He’ll shy off! I’ll bet he’ll

Refuse to climb the volcanic Popacatepetl !


He’d need to beware of Montezuma’s Revenge

Try Iztaccihuatl too, watch out for ‘The Bends”,

More rubbish like that from this silly old fiction-ary

I think the buffoon just swallowed the dictionary!


‘While up there Terry,  listen out for a rattle

A shower of bright sparks, stampeding cattle

Burning streams of lava and belching smoke

Believe me Banjo, these signs are no joke


The ancient volcano is stirring to life

Threatening worse than any fish-wife!

Get down off that tor, whilst soever you may …….


Take a dander instead up Slieve Gallion Brae!’

[Sorry!  Someone challenged me to rhyme Popacatepetyl ! ]


 The ancient warrior Popacatepetyl was deeply in love with the princess Iztaccihuatl.  Her father, the tribal king demanded that he prove his mettle by conquering in foreign parts, before he might gain her hand. 

In his absence a rival suitor managed to convince the maiden that her lover had perished in battle.  She died of grief.   When Popacatepetyl returned, he was overcome with sadness and he carried her body and laid her to rest on a nearby mountain.   This mountain now bears her name and indeed has taken on the shape of a sleeping lady!

Forever now Popacatepetyl stands as a silent sentinel on an adjacent peak, bearing a smoking torch in witness.

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