Diagonal Steam Trap [2]

Now the engineer eyed the designer

An’ the designer, he looked at ‘The Hat’

An’ they whispered, the one till the other,

Diagonal Steam Trap? …………..  What’s that?’

Now meanwhile oul’ Jimmy had scarpered

Away down to throw in he’s boord (timesheet)

When up came the Gaffer to Jimmy, says he,

Do you think like, we could have a wee word?

Do you see that Diagonal Steam Trap,

Ah know it’s left out, it’s bad luck!

But the Engine Shop’s terrible busy


Do you think you could knock us one up?’


Now oul’ Jimmy was laughing his head off

He had made it all up for a geg

He had seen what was stopping the engine

The feed pipe was blocked wi’ a reg!

An’ he shoved his hands in his pockets

He says, ‘Aye, I’ll give it a han’

I’ll knock yez up one in the mornin’


An’ the whole bloody thing will be grand.


Now the very next morning he started

To make what he called a Steam Trap

An aul tin box, a few bits of tubing

An’ a steam gauge stuck on the top

An’ he welds it all onto the engine

An’ he says till the gathering mob

As long as that gauge is at zero

The Steam Trap is doing it’s job!

Then he pulls the reg out o’ the feed pipe

An’ he says, ‘Let’s give it a try!’

Bejaysus, it goes like the clappers


Says Jimmy, ‘I think that’s her, nigh!’

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