Famine Prayer

Give us our daily bread
Father in mercy hear our prayer
All hope in human aid is fled
We sink in deep despair.

Our little ones scream out with pain
And clamour to be fed
Father, they cry to us in vain
Give us our daily bread.

O’er the gaunt infant at the breast
The mother bows her head
The fount is dry, in vain ’tis pressed
Give us our daily bread.

Our eldest born, with hollow eye
And eager stealthy tread
Would take the food we cannot buy
Give us our daily bread.

We must not beg, we shall not steal
Though stores before us spread
But we will work with earnest zeal
Give us our daily bread.

Famine hath laid her withering hand
Upon each little head
O Christ! Is this a Christian land?
Give us our daily bread.

Thy will be done, Father receive
Our souls when we are dead
In Heaven we shall not pine and grieve
Or want for daily bread.

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