Man of the North Countrie

Thomas D’Arcy McGee is the most famous former citizen of Carlingford. He is renowned as an outstanding Canadian politician. He was also a poet of some acclaim. The following is his ‘Man of the North Countrie‘.

He came from the North and his words were few

But his voice was kind and his heart was true;

And I knew by his eyes no guile had he

So I married the man of the North Countrie.


Oh! Garryowen may be more gay

Than this quiet street of Ballibay;

And I know the sun shines softly down

On the river that passes my native town.


But there’s not – I say it with joy and pride –

Better man than mine in Munster wide;

And Limerick town has no happier hearth

Than mine has been with my man of the North.


I wish that in Munster they only knew

The kind, kind neighbours I came unto:

Small hate or scorn would ever be

Between the South and the North Countrie.


Thomas D’Arcy McGee (1825-1868)

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