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We were listing past employees of The Action for Community Employment (A.C.E.) Scheme in Newry. I’m sure you know several of these here (F-H) and indeed, the first-named is today a Councillor! 

Also there are relatives of my own named here, directly and through marriage. You are probably the same!

This was, in its time, a useful programme to integrate the unemployed back into the workforce and provide necessary community facilities at the same time. 


Anthony Flynn

Jim Flynn

Patrick Galbraith

Patrick Garlick

Paul Giles

Robert Gilmore

Noel Goodman

Pat Gorman

Maurice Grant

Neil Grant

Peter Grant

Edward Green

Hugh Green

Evelyn Greer

David Halfpenny

Ian Hankin

Isaac Hanna

Cora Hannaway

Patrick Hanratty

Patrick Havern

Patrick Haughey

Kevin Heaney

Kevin Heaney Jr

Desmond Heatley

Robert Heaton

Ann Hendrick

Gervase Henry

Sean Henry

Terry Henry

Clinton Hillen

Peter Hollywood

Carrick Houston

Dolores Hughes

David Hughes

Frank Hughes

Martin Hughes

Michael Hughes


… and this is just F-H …. more to follow …


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