Modern Life

In the bygone days of yore
Life was slower – that’s for sure
Everything was in its place
God in heaven, no rat race

In the home, a nuclear family
Mum and dad and baby Emily
He’d help her and they’d be happy
Though he’d never change that nappy!

Dad worked hard to earn our fare
Mum was kindly – always there
In the corner Gran would sit
She’d fix and mend and sew and knit.

Grandpa from his rocking chair
Tobacco smoke would fill the air –
Would tease the kids, with twinkling eye
Just fall asleep then, bye and bye.


Modern life has changed all that!
Grandma’s lost her shawl and hat
Walking stick flung out the door
She’s ready for some fun – and more!

‘Who’s the gal in boots and leather?’
‘That’s your gran, you silly fella!’
She’s found a brand new lease of life
Burning rubber, free from strife.

Oftentimes she’s in the gym
Exercising to keep slim
Climbing mountain, bouldering river
Grandpa hardly sees her – ever!

Reading, writing, drawing, painting
She’d try the patience of a saint in
Heaven. Nothing now can stop or block her
I think my grandma’s off her rocker!

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