My Mother Passing

On one of these days

when it is not the wind

that is whispering softly my name

but something from a dream fragment

close by  waiting.


On one of these nights

when the walls of the deep canyon

loom without warning,

I know I am as close as I will ever be

to breathing my last.


The chill in my neck

deep, too deep for my liking

thickens and spreads down,

my heaving chest

slowing to the surrender

of this final wave.

A predecessor of John Macan and his late Mum, one Robert Macan was one of three men who set up the Newry Bank in rivalry with Isaac Corry.  Below is reproduced an image of a Three Guinea banknote drawn on this Bank.

According to this reckoning, how much was One Guinea worth during the Napoleonic Wars?   And how much (to the nearest whole penny) would this translate to in our currency today?    Answers on Guestbook, please!

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