Poem for Niamh



Some hours ago the water fell

To christen you, to work its spell

And wipe your slate, we hope for good

But now your life is sleep and food

Which, with our love will, by your leave

Suffice you now, our darling Niamh.


This happy birth, two thousand years

Our harbinger of peace, endears

Weaves webs of steel to bind our hearts

A laser light to pierce the dark

Darling child, my dream come true

We celebrate this day for you.


Ravelling strands of families mesh

In love knots of two minds, one flesh

Our future’s not our own, we’ll weave

An in-law maze, we’ll nod and wave

With trust: and silently we’ll pray


So this is a billet-doux to say

That on this warm mid-summer’s day

Cradled on my lawn you lay

While all around the raucous sound

Of laughter echoed in the mind

Your loved ones celebrate with food

Your birth in Christ at Cherrywood.


Our journey through this life, this fate

Ordained as by a friendly state

From Avenue to leafy meadow

Track of forebears, free from sorrow

Come and join our happy throng

We’ve waited for you for so long.



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