Warrenpoint Nite-Out

Our regular contributor Brian Fearon has his own volume of Poetry on sale, that might make an ideal Christmas present. 

It’s called “At the Kitchen Table: an Original Selection of Poetry, Lyrics and Rhyme”. 

Here’s another sample … 

Well it’s time to put the shirt on

Press the trousers, clean the shoes

Get the old fat wallet

We’re going on the booze …

In this wee town we love so well

With music, beer and craic

T’will be early in the morning

Before we’re heading back.


Mollie and I

Went out to meet the Duke

Last seen at Jack Ryan’s

Cause Bennetts had the flute

It was the First and Last time

The Marines had come to stay

You could see a full-rigged Schooner

Whistledown the bay

The Foresters in green

Oh, what a lovely sight

The Shenanigans that went on

Had us wild with delight.



Everyone was dancing

Except the one called Vic

He slipped on his Square Peg

After feeling very sick

Most of us were laughing

Especially my old gal

As the night was ending

We headed for the ‘Bal’

To finish with a quiet one

Then walk the promenade

Arm and arm together

Talk of all the fun we’ve had

As the moonlight flickered

Across Cooley and the Bay

It seemed to say ‘Don’t worry

Tomorrow’s another day’


So we headed home together

Past the Square, we stopped a while

Feeling kinda peckish

Got a supper, country-style


A cracking night in Warrenpoint

With friends and family

For everyone who ventured out

I’m sure they will agree

No better place to spend a night

With music, beer and craic

Remember what old Arnie said

When leaving …

‘Ah’ll be back!’

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