A Little Bush

A little dated, perhaps – but worth a run, I think – especially since the poet was an old classmate of mine!

At first I was just a little Bush

And much involved in things hush-hush

I knew a guy, A Panaman

Who smuggled drugs to Uncle Sam

Arising from this precedent

I soon became the President

My hallowed words held mighty sway

I got to put old pals away


Ruhollah liked US not a bit

And treated US like so much s**t

Saddam, he seemed a godsend, when

He started shooting Persian men.


With him we soon threw in our lot

Armed to the teeth, they all got shot

But then he threatened TEXACO

So long, old buddy. It’s time to go.


We’ll play a round of Gulf today

And make some other sucker pay

Oil exploitation is our cue

For oil, there’s nothing we won’t do!


We’re such a daring scary crew

We’ll have our cake and eat yours too.


So when we’ve sent Saddam to hell

We’ll seize Iraq‘s and Iran‘s oil wells

And all those mighty mullahs fell.


Perhaps you think I talk too much?

But see? My name it’s George W Bush!

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