Hiccupping Lou

The Longstone Band was marching down the middle of the road. We swayed to the swirl of the pipes and the roll of the drums. We marched with the band around The Square, along Church Street and down to the Public Baths.   

Mammy said:

‘This child has hiccupped 247 times since we left Newry!

We’ll have to get him into the water before 12.00 to get the cure!’

Down at Sandy Bottom we all sat down to eat our sandwiches and drink our Newry Mineral Water lemonade.

There were young Charlie Smyth and Dessie Sloan desperately trying to teach me how to float. Meanwhile Mammy was splashing water on baby brother and reciting some prayers. Lo and behold, the hiccups ceased. 

The power of prayer!

… more later …

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