Panorama of Newry

This panorama provides a view over Newry from the Bernish viewpoint taken on St Stephen’s Day. The snow  provides an excellent backdrop. Wait for it to load. ‘Pan’  back and forward by moving your mouse pointer across the photo.  To control speed, position mouse pointer in middle.

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Newry from the air now

The areas depicted in these recent photos include Sugar Island, Merchant’s Quay, Town Hall, Sands Mill, Edward/Monaghan Street, Canal Street and Catherine Street.  Much of this area of the centre has remained relatively unaltered.  The principal changes are to the South of the town, especially Buttercrane Quay and The Quays.  More of that later!

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Boys of their Time

This is a trial run, to see how an extended photo shows up in Slideshow format.  These lads were pupils of the Abbey when that aerial photo we have recently been featuring was taken.  We would be grateful for confirmation of identity!

Newry from the air 1952 (B)

These photos show 1. Castle/William St area: 2. Back of the Dam with Cathedral  3. Church Street area  4.  Abbey/Courtenay Hill area  5. High Street area and 6.  Hill Street areas some fifty years ago. These areas may show least change over the half-century!

Carlingford Forest


Fresh woods and pastures new, as promised.  Don’t get jealous – you’re welcome to join us by arrangement!  Forestry workers in both jurisdictions are currently ‘cropping’ so access is restricted.  We had perfect weather.  Then thunder and hail later when we were back home.  The gods are with us!  Have you ever seen more beautiful?  The views are nice too!

The Rampart Walk


We promised you a guide to walks of various degrees of endurance.  Park at Mauds, enter the Ramper through the construction site (you’ve got the Right of Way) and follow the river path to the Tide: Council has supplied gates and a pleasant pathway for you to cross the Dual Carriageway and return to town via the Old Warrenpoint Road.  Charming, safe and idyllic – less than three miles in total.

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Ireland top goal-scorer ever!

We were in Dublin to celebrate our achieving more than 100,000 visitors on Newry Journal.  The aul’ mate Keano wanted to share the photo-opportunity.  What can one do? ‘I believe you have something yourself to celebrate.  Ireland’s highest goal-scorer ever!’  ‘No comparison,’ he generously conceded. ‘You’re my main man!’ 

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