John McCullagh March 28, 2006

It was remiss, I felt, of the Drama Festival Committee not to seat all Season Ticket Holders at the front of the Cathedral for this unique performance.  Not a lot to ask! However, despite the distance at which these photos were taken, we hope they convey something of the spirit of the occasion!

John McCullagh January 27, 2006

In keeping with our current theme, here is a selection of some of the named bars in martin Auden’s list (and one NOT mentioned).  What are they now called?

John McCullagh January 14, 2006

One can drive up the flank of Slieve Martin, past Kilbroney Park Amenity Area to a car-park close to the first summit.   Then it’s only a short (STEEP!) walk to the Big Stone.    Try it!

John McCullagh January 5, 2006

I am endebted to photographer and son, Steven McCullagh, currently residing in Kirkwall, Orkney Islands who took these excellent photographs and emailed them to me for the Newry Journal readership.

John McCullagh January 5, 2006

You get what you want on Newry Journal.   And it’s obvious you can’t get enough photos.   Hope you like this new selection by my son’s girlfriend, Katharine Beaven, of Orkney in Scotland.