Class of 61:Enlarged & Named

We’ve had a few requests to ‘blow up’ that recent class photo.   So here it is in two parts.

Back Row: John Bradley; Mickey Brady; Robert Crawford;  Eamon Connolly; Jim McManus
3rd Row: Tony Keenan; Tony Fitzpatrick; Charles McSherry; George Haughey;  Peter Haughey; Martin Heaney

2nd Row: Dominic Mc Cormick; Hugh Carroll; J P Bradley;  Martin Leonard;  Paddy ?
Front Row: Sean Treanor;  Charlie McDonald;  Ronnie Kane;  Hugh Curran;  Arty Downey

And the second part!  The only missing figure is Bro McDermott himself. 

Back Row: Kevin Mc Alinden;  Marty McLaughlin;  Eugene McCann;  Colm Chambers;  Michael Cummins
3rd Row:  Colm Grant;  Gabriel O Hanlon;  Dermot Mc Conaghy;  Gene Fegan;  Pat Grogan
2nd Row:  Tom Hughes;  Martin Mc Aleavey;  Sean Henry;  Daniel McSherry;  Leslie Alesbury
Front Row: Harry Donnelly:  Marty Connell;  Aidan Meehan; Martin McAteer;  Peter Keenan; Sean Brown

Would some kind soul fill in the missing names through Guestbook, please?

Thanks to Anthony Fitzpatrick and ‘Santanta’. 

And more recently, Aidan Meehan, now of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

But it’s not finished yet!!!

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