John McCullagh February 25, 2004

Each Saturday night throughout the eighties and nineties one happy, select little group of us haunted St Catherine’s Club on Merchant’s Quay – now the site of the Canal Court Hotel.  Nostalgia for those times reigns.  The rear lounge could take up to twenty-five couples – we were mostly early middle-aged couples – and a […]

John McCullagh January 29, 2004

It was August 19th 1967 and the wedding day of one of the Drifters, Eamon McArdle!  I’m sure Gerry McGovern (front, kneeling) had an eye for the historic nature of the occasion, for haven’t I seen an album cover (was it the Beatles first?) with a similar pose? As it happened, this name (dubbed by […]

John McCullagh January 14, 2004

Newry Journal wishes to congratulate the parents of the following new-born children whose names have appeared in the baptismal lists of the Newry Parish (RC) Bulletin for the first two weeks of January 2004. Thomas Michael Cunningham, 6 Bath Avenue, DublinJosh Hanna, 84 Fifth Avenue, Derrybeg ParkCarlos Robert McNamee, Sinclair StreetJames Peter Cinnamond, 10 Fourth […]

John McCullagh September 8, 2003

5. Thirsty Work Joe had served as a soldier in the Royal Irish Rifles in the Great War (First World War). He had been wounded at the Dardanelles. He was struck during the battle for Gallipoli and at the height of that ferocious, hopeless attack. He was towed on a raft across the waters to […]

John McCullagh July 8, 2003

What about this man?!! You can have your Pat Jennings, Peter McParlands, Ronan Raffertys or whoever. You can even have John Mitchel. I’ll take Banjo as our all-time greatest hero, any day.  Banjo is THE MAN.