Ace Workers of old (1)

The Action for Community Employment (A.C.E.) Scheme was, in its time, a useful programme to integrate the unemployed back into the workforce and provide necessary community facilities at the same time. 

It therefore seems appropriate – at several years remove – to list some of those local people who, over the years, took part.

John Anderson

David Annett

Pius Arbuckle

Damien Beattie

Daniel Beattie

Gary Beattie

John Bennett

Oliver Bennett

David Blackadder

William Bleakley

Anthony Boyle

Sean Boyle

Kieran Bradley

Hugo Brown

Thomas Browne

Emmanuel Byrne

Raymond Byrne

David Callan

Robert Campbell

Eric Campbell

James Campbell

John Campbell

Nuala Campbell

Raymond Campbell

Robin Campbell

Danny Carlin

John Carlin

Paul Carr

Patrick Carragher

Frank Carroll

Jonathan Carroll

Raymond Casey

Mark Chambers

Wayne Chambers

John Clarke

Fergal Collins

Joe Collins

John Collins

Shane Collins

Sean Connolly

Neil Convery

John Conway

Thomas Conway

Colin Coyle

Peter Cranney

Wayne Crawley

James Crawley

John Crawley

Shane Crawley

Paul Crimmins

Mark Crummy

John Cunnane

Thomas Curran

… and this is just A-C …. More to follow …


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