Church St People’s Story

The gable house here (the street signs read Church Street and John Mitchel Street) was the home of the Lundy’s.  May, recently deceased, was waked from her home then in John Mitchel Street.

P. J. Manly, retired caretaker of the Abbey School, still lives two doors up. Two further doors up is the home of Jean Rooney, sister of Eamon and Councillor John McArdle from High Street. 
I am reliably informed that the lady, Margaret Hart, residing at 48 with her niece Eileen, was widowed when her husband Peter (of 1 Chapel Street) was killed in Burma in the last week of the Second World War.
The Bears Bar (Windmill) is at the other end of this terrace, and jutting out in the distance is the Cavern Bar (now owned by Dominic Boyle, formerly by Tommy Courtenay). 
Lucia White of Number 26 tells me she was clearing the attic some years later with her young son when she came upon a discarded baby cot.  ‘Did you used to have a baby?’ he asked innocently.  ‘Yes’, she smiled.  ‘What did you do with it?’ he asked in alarm!
There are far too many families here for individual comment.  Your author as a child, was brought to visit two old ladies, Camille and Mary Warrinnier (we said Warner!), some friends of my mother.   
Everyone in the town knows Dickie Rodgers who still resides in Number 11. 
Other families included McCaul, McLoughlin, McGovern, McCourt, Hughes and many more. 
A few lines of comment from old residents would prove very welcome!   

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  1. Mary and camille Warner lived together I remember them they was related to me I’m a Byrne from the meadow and also related to them was the late richy mcfearon they were spinsters lovely old ladies who would have given you there last biscuit

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