Tommy Jones’s Last Walk

In my life I have many memories but none as clear as the last walk I had with my Dad.  He loved to walk and always had his faithful brute “Brandy” by his side.

We walked up Doran’s Hill to the Community Centre.  The gates were closed but without hesitation my Dad negotiated the slippery slope, me breathless behind him.  He laughed and said I was out of condition.  I could only agree with a nod.
We walked to the top of the Drive, Brandy looking back to see if we were keeping up.  We climbed over the broken wire fence into McKinstry’s field.  What a sight to see!  We looked over the city and my Dad said, “”No finer sight will you see”.  I had to agree.  We stood there for what seemed ages with him explaining and pointing to show me what used to be at that particular place.  I saw the sadness in his face – his memories of his time as a boy in a growing town.  We did not need to speak.
I looked at him and smiled.  I wonder if he knew then his time was almost up?  I knew this day would never be repeated but I thank God for the sun that shone on that day and I know wherever my Dad is, the sun will always shine and I will take the same walk repeatedly and I know he will be right there beside me. 
Happy days.

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