John McCullagh November 21, 2006

More nicknames to decipher? OK. Mousey, Bum, Soapy and Crow. Work it out! Robert Stewart was grandfather to Robby Martin of Flashpoint!

John McCullagh November 14, 2006

I remembered Hughie as a mischevious, adorable curly-haired boy of six or so, in summer dressed in baggy overalls that were four inches too short and in well-worn, laceless, hand-me-down mud-spattered shoes.

John McCullagh November 8, 2006

Even today, Stream Street residents are an eclectic mix of both sides of our divided community and it is clear from the above list – to sad individuals like myself who can read a person’s likely religious affiliation from their name! – that it was also so a century ago. 

John McCullagh November 6, 2006

Our foot ‘pads’ were cement pavings, two-broad to the edge of the kribben, and none too evenly laid, but this just added to the thrill, as we thundered along on our ball-bearing buggies.