Compensation Sets In

Have you ever thought that the country was couped?
I have just heard that some 2000-3000 former paramilitary prisoners, including godfathers, are suing the State because their dignity was mortally wounded at having to ‘slop out’ their cells when the Government ought to have provided them individually with W.C.s and personal washing facilities.
Some years ago the State had to fork out ten of millions in compensation because apparently almost every soldier who ever served in the Irish Army was suffering from deafness brought on by the absence (or ineffectiveness) of ear-muffs when they were given shooting practice.
Currently priests and pastors are seeking compensation against the vagaries of the drink-driving legislation.  Apparently those who have to serve more than one Church on Sundays for example, may accidentally imbibe (at the Consecration) sufficient wine to put them over the limit, and they have to drive from Church to Church.  Their suggested solution?  The State must provide from taxes, sufficient funds for them to employ a chauffeur.  Of course there are several thousand ‘religious’ in this invidious position!
Isn’t it amazing how quickly compensation sets in?

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