Euro Pint !

Spare a thought for poor Michael O’Leary, Chief Executive of Ryanair…….

Arriving in a hotel in Dublin , he went to the bar and asked for a pint of draught Guinness.


The barman nodded and said, “That will be one Euro please, Mr. O’Leary.”

Somewhat taken aback, O’Leary replied, “That’s very cheap,” and handed over his money.

“Well, we try to stay ahead of the competition”, said the barman. “And we serve free pints every Wednesday evening from 6 until 8.

We have the cheapest beer in Ireland. “

“That is remarkable value!” Michael comments.

“I see you don’t seem to have a glass, so you’ll probably need one of ours.

That will be 3 euro please.”

O’Leary scowled, but paid up.

He took his drink and walked towards a seat.

“Ah, you want to sit down?” said the barman. “That’ll be an extra 2 euro.

You could have pre-booked the seat and it would have only cost you a Euro.”

“I think you may to be too big for the seat sir!  Can I ask you to sit in this frame, please”.

Michael attempts to sit down but the frame is too small and when he can’t squeeze in, he complains,

“Nobody would fit in that little frame”.

“I’m afraid if you can’t fit in the frame you’ll have to pay an extra surcharge.”

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