Logical Deduction

Reasoning Tests 

If you are suffering from withdrawal symptoms since these were abandoned from your children’s grammar school entry examinations, here’s a few to amuse you.  You ought to score more than 60% correct!

1                 To succeed at academic examinations it is necessary to study.  Therefore if a student works hard in a particular subject, he or she should do well when it comes to the examination.

Which of the following best describes the flaw in this argument?

A         It assumes that it is necessary to study in order to succeed

B          It overestimates the value of study in preparation for examinations

C         It ignore the fact that some subjects are more academic than others

D         It assumes that studying hard is a sufficient condition for academic success

E          It ignore the fact that some students don’t need to study much to succeed

2                    A solid cube has twelve sides.  If all eight corners are sliced away while leaving part of each original edge intact, how many edges has the new solid?

A         12

B          24

C         32

D         36

E          44


3          One in 1000 people in Britain is estimated to be a carrier of the potentially fatal liver disease hepatitis B, although this estimate is probably far too low. There should be a mass vaccination programme to eradicate this disease.  Seventy five countries carry out such a programme and including hepatitis B in Britain’s existing vaccination programme would be a simple matter.

The main objection has been the cost.  At present each shot of the vaccine costs

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