Referee over-reacts!

Congratulations to the Irish team which comprehensively defeated the Aussies today in the International Rules Series to win both the game and the series.  Admittedly there were a few dubious decisions by the Irish referee, especially in the second quarter, that penalised the Australian team.  There were lots of incidents, including many’s the lively row on-field but the referee escaped public censure.
The outcome was not so satisfactory in Eastern Cape, South Africa when Ekithumpi met Soarnoseni.  The South Africa Football Association was quick to issue a statement after that game, to deny any responsibility for its after-effects.
‘Some of the Soarnoseni players objected when the referee gave one of them a yellow card.  A row broke out and some of the Ekithumpi supporters stormed the field.
The referee was quick to pull a pistol and immediately began shooting at them.  He shot the Ekithumpi coach dead and seriously wounded two of their players.  He ran off the field shouting, ‘I am the master of the Universe’.  He has not been seen since.
We are unanimously agreed that the referee over-reacted in this instance.’
A later statement was issued when all the facts became known.
‘The referee that officiated at this match was not a properly qualified official registered with Safa.  He was one of the spectators asked by the organisers to handle the match.  Safa passes its condolences to the family of the coach and of the injured players. 
If any of our referees feel it necessary to arm themselves before a game, we do not recommend a loaded pistol’, the statement concluded.

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