Old Bill at the Door

Now Boris was starting to warm to his task
He considered his team, and who he might ask –
First, scores to be settled, he’d ring Donald Tusk
To tell him he stinks like the wild deer musk –
That back-stabbing Gove, who betrayed him last time
He’d make Brexit chief and post him off to the Rhine
The poisoned chalice he now would imbibe
And quickly discover he’d no place to hide.

Fatigued from his labours, Bojo suggested a lay
To Carly, but surely it wasn’t his day
‘Get off me, you hobo, and out of my flat
I’d sooner do anything other than that!’
From a nearby apartment, Tom Penn heard her call
And contacted Old Bill – who appeared in the hall.
Hello! Hello! Hello! said Old Bill to Bojo
When she tells you to leave, then you just gotta go!

Now the future Prime Minister started at that
And took a quick glance around her luxury flat ..
Cripes! Jolly Hockey Sticks! Don’t you know who I am?
If I cared to I could post you to far-off Siam!!
But Carly was keen to avoid this disgrace
So she put the Met Officer back in his place
Bojo she banished to sleep in the bath
And the officer showed out down the short garden path.

… more later …

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